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We acknowledge that every child is unique. To support each individual child’s learning and development, we designed our programmes to encourage your child to develop holistically to suit his/her cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs.

We planned our thematic-based curriculum to enable your child to progressively acquire knowledge, skills and concepts within these content areas – literacy, mathematics, science, social skills, arts & craft and music and movement.


As children grow, they gain curiosity to learn and increase ability to communicate well with others through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

We incorporate creative activities into our daily programme to help your child develop language skills, active listening, phonological awareness, emergent reading and writing skills essential for success in school and in life.


Mathematical concepts are introduced to your child through maths activities that help develop important foundational skills such as numeracy, identifying relationship and comparing attributes.

Over time, your child learns the tools and vocabulary of mathematics such as position (over, under, through, etc.), measurement (long, short, tall, big, etc.), shapes, distance and many more.


Children are innately inquisitive and are born scientists, inventors and explorers. Our programmes encourage your child to experiment, ask questions, explore possible answers and get fascinated with the world around him/her.


Cosmopolitan living allows children to mix with people from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Care for the community and the environment and cultural diversity are incorporated in our learning activities so that your child will learn to appreciate differences, treat others (human, animals, and environment) with respect and become members of a caring classroom community.



The art allows children to express what they know and how they feel. Our Art & Craft programme encourages your child to be creative and imaginative, to create their work of art, emphasizing the process of creating, rather than the outcome that is created.


Music and movement aside from being intrinsically pleasurable, they also allow for the expression of inner joy which is very important to children’s development.

With that in mind, we planned our programme to enable your child to be exposed to pleasurable and joyous experience in activities that are fun-filled with music and movement. At little learners, we designed our curriculum to empower your child to become competent communicators, successful inquirers, avid problem solvers, and responsible and caring members of the world.

We ensure our lessons to be enjoyable and interesting through arts, music, game, phonic and integrated lessons to enrich your child’s learning experience.
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