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A Day at Little Learners

At Little Learners, we believe in quality and nurturing early childhood education. We strive for each child to look forward to coming every day and to have fun learning with us.

A typical day at the Little Learners



Greet the children and families. Support healthy start through screening of the children of possible health issues such as fever, ulcers and red spots. Help the children store personal items in their cubbies, facilitate a happy good-bye and sanitise hands.

Circle Time (10 minutes)


Gather for mini-meeting. Greet classmates. Take attendance. Review day’s theme and activities.

Thematic Activities (50 minutes)


Different thematic based activities guide children in a selection of interesting hands-on learning. Children get to observe and interact with individual children to extend play and learning.

Clean-up (10 minutes)


Model and assist children in carefully putting away learning materials in the appropriate bins and areas.

Activity Time (20 minutes)


Introduce and expand on study theme. Use group songs, musical instruments, rhymes, fingerplays to build math, science, social skills and literacy skills. Introduce and review new vocabulary. Read aloud, discuss and record ideas about the day’s study theme.

Snack Time (15 minutes)


Ensure children wash hands. Sit with children and teach children how to open and close snack containers. Let children enjoy their food and teach them clean up their place after they are done and wash hands.

Sharing Time (15 minutes)


Enjoy storytelling, sing songs, share books and stories in support of early literacy skills.


Child's name is called out individually to hand over to parents or caregivers. See you tomorrow!

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